Couture garments are the pinnacle of style and individuality. For this reason, they must be treated with the respect and care they deserve to remain in perfect condition.  Mint Belfast is the first choice for local designers such as Una Rodden and Chloe Dougan in Belfast City and throughout Northern Ireland.

Sanjay and the team specialise in delivering high-quality cleaning services for garments which need extra attention. Materials we care for include satins, silk, hand-beaded and stitched garments, as well as specialist fur, skins, leather and suede. Prior to cleaning couture items, we examine each piece, identifying buttons, beads and sequins. Our experts cover and protect vulnerable areas which may be damaged through the cleaning process.

Sanjay will also advise on the right cleaning methods for various fabrics, to ensure your couture items are kept in mint condition. If you are unsure as to how to care for your garments the team is here to help. We also provide a Wet Cleaning service for our more eco-aware customers.

“I think Sanjay is the best dry cleaner I have ever used. He is a pleasure to work with; no job is too small or big, and the quality of care is fabulous. I have recommended Sanjay to many clients of mine and they all rave about the quality of care and service he provides.” – Una Rodden – Una Rodden Couture

Mint Belfast is the only dry cleaners I trust. Sanjay and the team specialise in leather, fur and suede dry cleaning, which is essential within all my collections. Whatever problem or emergency, Sanjay can fix it without a complaint.” Chloe Dougan- Chloe Dougan Designs/Call Me Sophia